Our lunchtimes are usually alive with conversation. We catch up and talk shop as we munch on soups, stews and heavily buttered breads. We discuss our life developments and and scroll through Instagram like junkies.

Not Oliver. This particular Friday, he was staring at a box of mince pies (sans one that he had just eaten. His fork still glossy with the filling)

“These mid-priced ones taste better than the more expensive ones I had yesterday. But the more expensive ones taste better than the cheaper ones I had the day before” He muttered as he furrowed his quizzical brows (that have always been considered the most ‘on fleek’ in the studio).

“What makes a good mince pie if it is independent of cost?” he continued. As we left the kitchen, returned to our respective desks and continued with our lives as normal, Oliver remained fixated on his box of mince pies.

He emerged after his time of self-imposed confinement with a determination rarely seen on a Friday afternoon. Mince pie box in hand, he exclaimed: “We must taste them all!”

So we did.