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Walton Bathrooms

Walton Bathrooms specialise in quality, contemporary bathrooms and have  a portfolio of carefully collated brands and products. The company, as a whole, have a wide range of knowledge and technical expertise to support their customers on their bathroom projects.

Their website had great SEO (often ranking on search engines ahead of the brand websites themselves!), but it had a dated design and functionality and no online payment process. A key element of the brief revolved around Walton Bathrooms' existing SEO. It was crucial not to lose this with the new website. We needed to find a solution that would maintain the current standard but could also be improved upon with the latest industry best practice standards. 

With an abundance of online competitors selling the same luxury product ranges, Walton Bathrooms were aware that they needed to improve their online presence in order to stay at the forefront of their industry from a digital perspective. The website user experience needed to be improved, the design updated and made responsive and an online purchasing process introduced in order to allow users to buy 24hrs a day via their desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Walton Bathrooms didn’t want to be just an online store; we would need to find a way to reflect their showroom expertise and their bathroom design services.

Surinder Bhomra

Surinder Bhomra

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  • Surinder Bhomra

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