Syndicut worked alongside Kindle Entertainment and BBC to build an online platform to house their first web-only CBBC drama.

The now BAFTA winning Dixi, a series of programmes to highlight Internet Safety Day and help to make children aware of the importance of their own safety on social media, was launched in February.

“In a first-person ‘selfie’ style of shooting, the show follows teen Shari, whose entire life is on Dixi: from chatting to friends and sharing pictures to posting funny vlogs. This social network is her life. That is, until her page is defaced, her password changed and she is locked out. To Shari, it’s the end of the world, but with the help of her closest friends she sets out to discover who hacked Dixi and ‘murdered’ her profile page.”*

We were asked to build a website in a social media style to house the daily vlog episodes and provide realtime content updates throughout the day to engage children with the drama and encourage them to participate in the 'whodunnit' mystery.