How We Get To Next is the 'spin off' site of How We Got To Now, a PBS programme about the History of Innovation.

How We Get To Next is a blog driven site focussing on how innovation is shaping the future.

The site is made up of a collection of articles, written by some prestigious authors with a passion for innovation in their respective fields.
Steven Johnson, Alice Bell and Ken Banks are just a few of the editorial team writing for the site.

The design is dynamic, colourful and uses lots of imagery and illustration from the show. We used off-canvas navigation to save on real estate and focus on the primary content.

The site was built in Prismic, a platform that is ideal for content focussed sites such as this.

We worked closely with Nutopia, the production team, The Project Factory who deal with all the social promotion on this great site and Storythings who have the team of great authors writing the content.

We also built the PBS support site in their platform, Bento.