A fully responsive ecommerce website refresh for Penderyn Whiskey Online Store.

Syndicut had built Penderyn’s first e-commerce store and when Penderyn asked us to build a new, improved and up-to-date site refresh we drew on what we knew worked and didn’t work about the current site and our experience of user centred design principles.

We knew that purchasing on mobile or tablet on the existing site was difficult and often confusing. When it came to designing the new site we placed an emphasis on user centred responsive design, optimised for mobile, which made the user journey through the site smooth and intuitive.

The site was built in Kentico, which offered not only content management, ecommerce and marketing functionality integrated into one platform, but worked with in-house systems to support the growth of the distillery. We developed an SEO optimised, secure and robust e-commerce platform, which was integrated with a real time Sage 200 connection.

Penderyn required a system that could be both flexible and functional, yet remain highly efficient for the small team that supports it.

What we have achieved together is the perfect blend of slick business processes and stylish design and build.