We wrote, designed and implemented a one-of-a-kind game to be hosted on Instagram: Curfew Live.

Sky wanted a campaign to reflect the excitement and fast-pace of their new series, Curfew. We created a game where players must enter a race and face several obstacles to get to the finish line. Unlike the series, the prize was not freedom from the world of Curfew, but a weekend ticket to Formula 1’s British Grand Prix.    

The Game

The uniqueness of using Instagram as a host for the game meant we had to consider not only how the game would be played but also how to make it interesting and engaging without the luxury of a simple ‘click’ link on a website.

We created 84 Instagram accounts using 50 mobile devices, each with a different purpose for the game. These accounts showed a question that the player needed to answer to move on.

The aim of the game was to move through the 3 stages and get to the finish line to enter the competition. The flow of the game was based on the tagging feature in Instagram posts. A player would click on the photo with their chosen answer, and click on the tagged account in that photo to move on to the next question.

As well as questions to answer, there were ‘find an item’ tasks where the player would have to hunt through the photos to find the hidden tagged account. ‘Scroll to the bottom’ tasks also appeared, where you had to click on the tag on the last image of an account with many photos.

The Design

Our design team created 84 bespoke designs for each Instagram account involved in the game. The designs were cut into the grid format of an Instagram page.
Because of the rarity of using Instagram as a platform for a game, we wanted to make full use of the app’s features. We incorporated stories, carousels and videos into our designs and accounts to give the full Instagram experience.

The Result

After creating and uploading to 84 Instagram accounts, we tagged each of the ‘action’ photos to the relevant account. And finally… the game was up and running!

Curfew Live was successful in creating a fully immersive, engaging and challenging experience. By experimenting with the limits of Instagram as a game host, we achieved entirely new possibilities of the use of the platform.

To view the game on Instagram visit @curfewseries

We also created a microsite version of Curfew Live to replicate the game: curfewlive.com