Our latest film for the University of Southampton, aimed at undergraduate students (school years 10-13) who are currently thinking about which University to attend.

The strategy

The University felt that they needed to increase their innovative video content and were looking for an agency that would approach the project from a completely new angle. An agency that could draw on experience with emotive campaigns and thought-provoking video projects that push boundaries and reach new limits.

As a founding member of the Russell Group, the university has a reputation for innovation and game-changing research and initiatives. This needed to be a focal point of the video. As well as dealing with the emotions and lifestyle that university offers.

Aimed at Generation Z, the video needed to appeal to an audience known for having short attentions spans, high expectations and who weren’t always looking to attend a university. The video needed to be highly creative and original to stand out against other university advertising and live up to their ambitious targets.

The narrative

The concept of ‘Made in Southampton’ was echoed throughout the film with the majority of the footage being shot on site at the university or within the city itself. Produced in-house, we wrote the narrative in an urban poem style to keep pace and rhythm with the visuals. The voiceover artist was selected from a range of University students to lend her vocals to the video.

The structure of the piece plays with modern standards of syntax. Creating a chunky, irregular stanza structure and infrequent rhyme pattern, we challenged the voiceover artist to play with the lyrics and allowed her to find her own rhythm within the piece. The finished audio has a spontaneous flow that is unique to her style.

The film

Comprised of over 120 individual shots, the film took extensive planning and coordinating. Each day of the shoot was meticulously planned so we could move easily from location to location whilst not impacting on the student’s and professor’s time schedules during the last few weeks of study.

We worked closely with the university to plan the shots that would coincide with the lyrics, making sure we included as many courses, students and activities as possible.

The outcome

We created a number of versions of the film to be used across channels, with a short version for shareable social content, advertorial version and full version. Keep an eye on ITV Hub at the end of August for a glance at the film.


We all come from different places
New faces

You want to try something new on for size?
No disguise.
Bright eyed wise.

You’re learning
it’s burning
the passion inspired

There’s grafting
it’s lasting
But it’s yours for commanding

You’re built from the ground up
The soles of your feet
meet the place
where your passion
pounds the sound of the streets

The soul of your mind
Deep inside
The impossible kind

You’ve got the right
to go 0-60 in no time at all
This is your time to shine
This is your time to fall
down, you’re falling
free, flying

Your hands make the plan
They mould and they shape
To create
The city scape
Not just the sky rise scene
But the people within
and where they have been

Mind racing
Game changing
Hair raising

No time filling
Stand stilling
Waste nothing

The wind in your face and
the salt in your eyes

The grind
you strive
the lion inside

Fire and flames have changed what they mean
You were born somewhere else but you’ll be made in this city

Say “yes” to what comes
don’t just wave as they pass
This world is for those
that grasp every chance

Dream of improbable things and the journey you'll take
Those that think outside the box tend to bring about change

Fortune tends to favour the brave
So find the courage to build the paths that you’ll pave
Because a ripple in the water might just become a wave

This place is for dreamers
Believers and schemers
Team players and game changers

The nightlife
the daylight
The bright lights
and sunshine

The wet days
and walkways
The green place
and deep space

The people around us, the me and the you
Build us up
break us down
Rebuild and

We’re here when you need us
to guide and provide

But this journey is yours
to capture and ride

You’ll be made here