Syndicut created a range of interactive infographics and vox pop videos for the University of Southampton to support their lead generation campaign. The aim of the campaign was to showcase the university's offering and to address key concerns of prospective students.

The aim of the video and the infographics was to create thought leadership content that could be repurposed in the future but reused heavily in their lead generation campaigns. The topics selected were based on research, stakeholder evaluation and SEO. 

The infographics allow the university to showcase a range of information in a simple and easy to understand way as well as to show international students what they could expect without them having to attend an open day if they were unable to. 

The first infographic was created to show the cost of living for a student who attends the university (based on independent data). The second was to illustrate travel distances to Southampton from other places in the UK and Europe.

As the university is an attractive outlet for higher education across Europe, the infographics had to be clear and easy to follow for international visitors to understand. 

The vox pop video selection was to showcase opinions of existing students to aid the decision of anyone thinking of studying at The University of Southampton. The videos were adopted for Instagram and other social channels to create further engagement and direct people back to the website. 

Head of Digital, Sophie said, “Syndicut had an excellent understanding of the enquiry and conversion process and what prospective students need at the different stages of this process. There has been a really positive response especially with the mixed media videos, as they have such a current look and feel to them. I feel we did well in creating a strong brand asset that doesn’t look too ‘corporate’ and works well in more informal social channels.”