Creating the multiscreen technology as part of the #VodafonePocketCinema experience at the Birmingham Bullring. We worked with creative agency, Haygarth, to bring the campaign to life. 

Showcasing a video across 105 individual mobile screens, the app needed to be extensively tested and capable of playing all day without overheating or breaking. We created a grid of positions, which can be selected from a dropdown menu. So, any phone can play in any position. 

Every phone is controlled by one master phone. Meaning they can be triggered to play, pause and restart all from one controller. This 'trigger' is then received by each phone as they prepare to play their segment of the video. We developed the app so that none of the phones start playing until every phone has sent a signal.

Pushing the boundaries of modern technology, we achieved what only a handful of companies have tried in the past: allowing one video to seemlessly play across multiple screens. 

EDIT: At the end of August, the campaign won IPM Marketing's Campaign of the Week.