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Bespoke e-commerce website with over 2 million products

Currently leading as the Kentico site with the most products.


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2B Scientific
2B Scientific Branding
34% increase in new visitors to the site
29% increase in returning visitors

As a well established business in the life sciences sector, 2B wanted a new brand and website to reflect the values they were known for, being a friendly and personable company with innovative products for the research market.

We created a brand that positioned them as the life science reagents company with a difference and then set to work on the website, which had a unique set of challenges…

  • The need to list over 2 million products
  • Each product had to contain up to 40 facets of information, presented in a clear and user-friendly way
  • Each product needed a custom price mark-up function
  • The client needed to be able to bulk upload products from Excel format, with over 100,000 products per spreadsheet
  • An online payment solution as well as the ability to generate formal quotations

We selected Kentico e-commerce as the best base solution for this, but many additional customisations had to be made to meet the client’s needs - no Kentico site had housed this many products before. We invested heavily in ensuring that the infrastructure to host such a site was not only up to the task, but also flexible enough to adapt to site usage. We created custom modules, field mapping, import and export tools, bespoke search algorithms and more.

In short, we elevated an out-of-the-box e-commerce platform to levels that had not been reached before, to give the client a unique site that could handle their exponential growth.

Since launch, the site has been praised by customers for its ease of use and general look and feel. Product sales have increased considerably. New visitors to the site have increased by 34% and returning visitors increased by 29%. The number of sessions on the site has increased by 11% with the overall session duration increased by 31%.

Over 2 million products and counting

The site currently retains its record as the Kentico site with the most products.

2B Scientific IPad Mockup