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An open-source .NET CMS with a strong development community


One of the most deployed CMS systems based on the .NET framework.

Umbraco is one of the most well-known ASP.NET framework based content management systems and probably one of the oldest (circa 2000) that has stood the test of time.  Unlike it’s other CMS counterparts, Umbraco is an open-source product with a strong community of around 200,000 registered community users.

At Syndicut, we rigorously test any open-source platform to ensure it can meet our high standards from a feature, reliability, scalability and support perspective. Being a very mature product with a strong ecosystem, Umbraco ticks all the boxes!

One of the main benefits of Umbraco is its low cost of entry, allowing clients to invest more where it matters most, such as the custom functionality and look of the website with minimal CMS platform investment.

Umbraco believes one of its many core strengths is the ability to add content with ease, so more time is spent on making great content and less time on a long tedious process. We as an agency build upon this to ensure all content editing requirements are met by building intuitive widgets that allow you to build unique pages with ease.

If you’re wondering how Umbraco can meet your needs, we are on hand to answer any questions.

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