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The Kyoto Prize

Where tradition meets innovation

Building a creative campaign for an international award




Google Ads



Prepare to be enthralled by the prestigious Kyoto Prize, honouring individuals who shape the world's scientific, cultural, and spiritual landscape. Each November, Kyoto, Japan, becomes the stage for this event, followed by an exciting showcase in May at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford.

Thrilled to infuse our creativity, we crafted a dynamic campaign to spotlight and amplify the Oxford event. We started the process by reflecting on the important values of the prize:

  • A dedication to international understanding.

  • A passion for the pursuit of knowledge in the service of public good.

  • A commitment to the future of our global society.

Our creative direction was inspired by the interconnectedness of the Kyoto Prize's core values, represented by triangular shapes that build upon each other, expanding into new directions and possibilities. Echoing the Prize's heritage, we incorporate Japanese characters and folding paper motifs reminiscent of Origami, infusing the campaign with cultural depth and symbolism. Through this dynamic approach, we aim to honour tradition while paving the way for innovation and discovery.


To promote the event, we crafted captivating videos showcasing the laureates and their impactful contributions. These videos offer audiences insight into the laureates' remarkable achievements and the significance of their work. Our campaign rollout featured meticulously designed collateral, including layered invitations symbolising the three laureates, each featuring descriptions about the laureates and Japanese translations. Complementing this, we crafted concertina programs, dinner menus, banners, and digital screens, all tailored to harmonise with our bold and striking campaign aesthetic.

Over 4 million impressions

To boost event attendance, we orchestrated a comprehensive advertising campaign utilising Display, Discovery, and Search Ads on Google. Our team crafted engaging graphics, headlines, and descriptions to captivate audiences and drive interest. Additionally, we released post-event video ads, ensuring that users who interacted with previous ads could access event recordings. The collective impact exceeded our expectations, with over 4 million impressions and 140,000 engagements. 

We're thrilled by the incredibly positive feedback from Oxford University, and we're already eager to start the campaign for the 2023 Kyoto Prize winners.