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Channel 4

Promoting 'Dogs: Their Secret Lives' online

Two interactive websites to accompany both Series 1 and 2 of the Channel 4 show.


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Man’s best friend is spending more time home alone, but what do our dogs get up to while we’re out and what does this mean for their well-being?

Series 1: A website to house an interactive survey and showcase statistics

Channel 4 commissioned a study into separation anxiety in dogs and the impact this is having on their welfare. Vet, Mark Evans, hosted the documentary, which had great viewing figures.

We designed and built the website to accompany Series 1, which included an interactive survey which received over 4,000 responses within the first two weeks.

Dogs: Their Secret Lives statistic
Dogs: Their Secret Lives statistic

Series 2: Focussing on the UK's overweight, aggressive and difficult dogs and their owners

We wanted to place an emphasis on social interaction and encourage people to send in selfies of themselves and their dogs. We have introduced a new Your Dogs social page with a dogs gallery, using a Storify feed to pull in user generated content from Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The site also has an updated online survey to collect information on dogs and their owners and help us to build up a picture of the UK's dog population for the end of series homepage takeover and the final show.

The survey had over 13,000 entries within the first week and over 1,400 images have been sent in via Twitter and Instagram.

Survey entries