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Art is Magic

Delivering a fun, bold and creative social media campaign.





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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "Art is Magic" by Jeremy Deller, a comprehensive exploration of his artistic journey and influences. We crafted a hugely successful social media campaign by creating bold and playful creative assets, that reflected Deller's creative style. Through innovative videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and compelling quotes, we amplified the excitement, ultimately amassing over 500,000 impressions and creating a platform to promote the Sunday Times Bestseller. 

‘Art is Magic’ is a work by Jeremy Deller that reflects on his entire career as an artist, plus the influences that have impacted his work. When CHEERIO Publishing asked us to create a fun, bold and creative social media campaign to accompany the book’s launch, we jumped at the chance.  

We worked closely with both the author and CHEERIO to put together a campaign that reflects the lively tone of the book. By having direct access to Jeremy himself, we had countless opportunities to create engaging content that were sure to reflect his personal style (and the book’s). With our substantial social media expertise, we were also able to share the context of Jeremy’s words with a wider audience prior to launch, building that all-important public anticipation.

500,000 impressions across social

Our creative content made use of quotes, behind-the-scenes book signings, launch events and stellar reviews the book received. We also produced a series of cutting-edge videos for promotion purposes. These videos utilised voiceovers from the author to help share his unique insights into the creation of the book, that gave the campaign a meaningful, personal touch from Jeremy. This mixture of engaging content all helped to build rapid excitement for the story before launch day. The campaign garnered over 500,000 total impressions.

Sunday Times bestseller

Throughout the campaign, we collaborated with CHEERIO’s PR team, Riot Communications, a key partner in managing the book's promotion. This strategic partnership ensured that all the terrific reviews and promotional events were effectively amplified across various channels. 

The book was incredibly well-received by readers and reviewers in the press. ‘Art is Magic’ was a Sunday Times bestseller and also achieved the ‘Tate Book of the Month’.