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Film 4

The Spirit of '45

An interactive online experience & social campaign to accompany Ken Loach’s film.

The digital and social media campaign for The Spirit of '45 helped the film sell out in over 20 cinemas.

It built up a following of over 2800 Facebook fans, over 9000 My '45 entries and generated a huge media response and conversation around this iconic film, all before its launch.

The digital project includes a multiphased website where My '45 generates an illustrative personal 'report card' of what your life might have looked like, pre-1945, using direct data comparisons. There is also a Timeline with a visual representation of events from 1930 to the present day.

Presented as five key themes, the timelines incorporate imagery, data, key events and interview footage to provide a rich and immersive illustration of this historical period of change. You can also view 60+ additional interviews from the film's contributors and watch an interview with director Ken Loach.

My '45 Entries

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