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Freixenet Website

A socially colourful digital experience



Web Development



A change in the brand's target audience meant that the design of the site had to reflect this. So, we had to think like a young, 'trendy' male.

Freixenet is the largest maker of traditional method sparkling wine and prides itself on the quality it produces. It started as a family business and has grown to become very successful, distributing worldwide.

The site had to be socially focussed rather than work as a hard sell tool, therefore, we used blog modules and Storify for social content.

The design was very colourful using a mix of photos we'd taken on a shoot, with stock they already had. It had to represent it's 'socially colourful' audience, but keep the family heritage feel at the same time as retaining an air of sophistication and class.

Using clean product shots and illustration for the 'brand' pages keeps them looking different from the blog sections. The cocktails page uses parallax which produces some nice movement and stands it apart from the other pages. We love it.