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Graham Budd Auctions

Delivering all marketing activities for a specialist auction house

Building a market-leading brand.


Web Development


Brand Identity


Video Production

Social Media




Specialist Auctioneers

In the world of Sports Memorabilia, Graham Budd Auctions stands the tallest as the UK's leading auctioneers. The brand is synonymous with helping fans across the globe to start or expand their memorabilia collection. Behind their continued success lies our strategic application of marketing services which has helped catapult their brand to new audiences. We started by planning and delivering a complete rebrand of Graham Budd Auctions in order to position them as a market leader. This included a redesign of their visual style and language, as well as the development of a new website. Subsequently, we've consistently planned, managed, and delivered their marketing activities with incredible results.

Social Media

Since 2021, we’ve delivered an engaging content strategy across multiple social media platforms for Graham Budd. The result? A growing community of sports memorabilia enthusiasts interacting with the brand. When we began working together, Graham Budd Auctions had not started building a social media presence. Collectively their brand now boasts thousands of followers and over 2 million quarterly impressions across all channels. Our team of expert designers consistently deliver cutting-edge photo and video content which has been pivotal in gaining new followers for the brand.

CMS Web Development

To further support the growth of Graham Budd Auctions, our CMS web development expertise took centre stage. We created a dynamic and user-friendly platform where potential bidders can explore and engage with the world of sports memorabilia. Our technical team created search functionality, using a custom Umbraco examine index, which allows users to search through all the previous auctions. For those looking to sell their Sports Memorabilia collection, we built a custom form where the user can submit items to be valued. Alongside this, we created a custom dashboard within the Umbraco CMS that gives Graham Budd access to this data. This dashboard also provides the team with the functionality to approve or reject the item from valuation.

Over 2 million quarterly impressions across all channels

Statistically, our impact on their website has been unprecedented. In our first year working together, we boosted their website stats to reach an additional 80,000 users. In the following year, we added another 100,000 users on top of this initial increase. This growth has been on a worldwide scale, with the website now reaching users in over 100 countries.

Email Marketing & Google Ads

Behind the scenes, our team also delivered an exceptional email marketing strategy. Through regular updates we helped cultivate a sense of community among bidders and collectors. This personalised touch helped Graham Budd Auctions build on their relationship with collectors and helped drive repeat business across numerous auctions. Statistically, the impact of our contribution to their email marketing success is unquestionable. Since working together, we have helped double their email database, so it now sits at over 20,000. To further enhance their growth in online presence, our team also delivered strategic Google Ads campaigns. These campaigns have been key in helping to drive up the number of registered bidders for multiple auctions.


Looking ahead to 2024

We’re excited to continue working with Graham Budd Auctions long into the future. 2024 will see over 13 auctions for collecting enthusiasts to get involved with. We have numerous exciting projects lined up to help their brand continue to reach new audiences whilst simultaneously keeping long-term customers happy.