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Hereford College of Arts

Visually dynamic and easy to navigate website

Hereford College of Arts is one of the best Art colleges in the country and they needed a website to reflect this.

A website to accommodate regularly updated content and reflect the artistic, well respected reputation of the college.

We designed and built a responsive website that was visually dynamic and easy to navigate. It uses blog functionality throughout so that the user experience is fluid and tagging makes cross linking simple and relevant.

The main drive to the website are the courses. These have been categorised clearly for students, so every user locates the information they are looking for quickly without numerous clicks. Each course pulls through other relevant content such as tutors, blog posts and open days, all through the use of tagging.

This functionality makes the site easy to manage and yet from the users’ perspective, looks vibrant and fresh – a true reflection of the College brand.

The site uses a lot of share functionality too which, for students especially, is the best form of digital communication.

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