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ILO: Infostories

Taking new steps into the world of digital storytelling

Following on from the success of the InfoStories app, we created the new website to bring the content to life on a whole new level.

ILO is an international game changer, advancing social justice and promoting decent work to make a real difference in the world of work.

ILO wanted an original platform to present their research findings and reach new audiences, opting for a highly visual, digital-only approach. The InfoStories platform is an advocacy tool for world of work issues, offering an in-depth insight through interactive and engaging infographics, videos, maps and case studies.

Each story is created to have it’s own unique visual narrative, taking bold steps into creatively immersive and experimental storytelling. We’ve developed interactive charts, graphs and data visualisations within several of the InfoStories where large amounts of data can be shown in a visually understandable and appealing way.

To allow the content editors within the ILO team to customise individual stories and chapters to existing stories, we took an existing CMS system, Kentico, and created a modular and bespoke InfoStories CMS. For ILO’s internal management, restrictions have been put into place for users with different skillsets and CMS experience.

Each story can be themed with pre-built, customisable story components, and we have made recent updates to increase the vast array of customisation. This means that ILO can make each InfoStory look and behave exactly how they require, including fonts, modules, galleries, interactive charts and fixed screen scrolling.

A large part of the design and development was to make sure that each story navigates across mobile, tablet and desktop devices, making sure the experience is uncompromised no matter how big or small the screen is. Sharing tools were also introduced to allow users to promote and share each individual story on social media to reach a wider audience.

We regularly work with ILO to continue the growth and progress of the website, including updates to design, front end and back end functionality.

Creatively, a recent change to the InfoStories website was to showcase the first digital representation of ILO’s new visual identity. We designed a fresh homepage and updated the look and feel of the site to ensure the new brand identity was consistent throughout.

Our latest digital updates have focussed on improving the international accessibility of the site. We expanded the language options to offer 7 languages including Chinese and Arabic. Alongside this, we worked to ensure the site had an equally strong design and UX in Arabic, when reading right from left.

One of the reasons why we chose to work with Syndicut was because it was very clear for us that they understood our requirements and needs. And they didn’t disappoint. Syndicut’s team was fiercely committed to making sure that the website was looking as brilliant as we expected.

Inês Gomes, ILO Digital Publishing Officer

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