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Living Streets

Walk Once a Week: An illustrative campaign brand

The Approach

We wanted the design and messaging to collectively appeal to children, parents and teachers. The design includes bright colours, cutout lettering and textures which can be found within the neighbourhood environment.

In creating a style that is more illustrative than hand drawn it allowed us to flex the output for more corporate use when targeting local authorities, MPs etc, while still retaining its charm for the younger audience.

The idea was to show both the urban and rural neighbourhoods in a contrasting way, so as not to alienate city or village schools. The two environments are connected with the act of walking to school along a pathway. The collage style we used allows for flexibility of the subject matter to work coherently with any brief.

The Badge

The badge continued the urban and rural environment themes but with a greater focus on the people aspect of the walk to school campaign. We achieved by using a circular shape to create a little world out of elements, with a parent and child walking along a pathway that wraps around a world to illustrate your neighbourhood.

We created three versions of the badge design, to be used for different purposes/media platforms depending on the simplicity required.

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