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Manufacture 2030

Website redesign for a business at the forefront of climate action

Supporting M2030’s growth with a platform that reflects their essential work in sustainability.


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Web Development


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With a growing business and customer base, Manufacture 2030 were looking to redesign their website and move to a new platform.

Since 2008, the company has provided their clients with a unique service to support their sustainability ambitions. M2030’s work measures, manages and improves the performance of individual sites in manufacturing supply chains with the goal of cutting carbon to prevent climate change. As a business at the forefront of helping companies achieve their emission reduction goals, the website needed to convey the vital importance of M2030’s work.

To meet this brief, Syndicut designed the new website to focus on Earth - the planet M2030 are aiming to help save. But rather than present users with images of pollution, carbon emissions and deforestation to reflect the climate crisis, we chose to incorporate assets showing the planet’s beauty and biodiversity to capture the very thing M2030 is working with their clients to protect.


This visually striking imagery was enhanced by the addition of subtle movement to the site through custom Lottie files and page animations. In particular, these animations made use of the triangular shapes in M2030’s modernised logo to communicate the idea that it is through many small actions fitting together that individuals and companies are able to meet their emission reduction targets.

As part of the project, we also produced two videos: one as a corporate explainer and the other, an asset specifically for suppliers. For each, our team devised the concept and storyboard, worked with the client on the script, added bespoke animation, and sourced the stock footage, music and voiceover. Both drew on the visual identity of the new website and the corporate explainer video was added to the homepage masthead as an early introduction to Manufacture 2030.

The finished site, built in Umbraco, elegantly combines text, images and animation to communicate the vital work for sustainability that M2030 does and the efficacy of the service they provide. The redesign was very well-received by the client and was also reflected in the case study and powerpoint templates our in-house team designed for M2030’s future use.

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