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Noah Media Group

Social campaign for 'Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager'

Using social media to redefine film distribution.


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TV & Film Production

The Brief

Noah Media Group asked us support the release of Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager with a multi platform social campaign. They wanted us to drum up interest in the film, launch the official trailers and recruit and engage influencers to spread the word. 

Noah Media Group were using a new method of distribution; distributing the docufilm independently rather than through a distribution company, they wanted to rely on the film’s quality, social media word of mouth and A-list cast.

Creative and strategy

The strategy behind the unique distribution model meant that we needed to think creatively about our strategy for both the social media community building and the creativity of the content we were going to release. 

Before the 90-day campaign run, we carried out several day’s creative content planning workshops to define and explore key content streams to run throughout. The release ran in line with the World Cup, so this was a key part of our planning.

We defined key aspects of Bobby Robson’s life and career, we aligned them with 4 content themes to be used in 4 stages of the campaign. From Bobby’s early career and love for the game to his values and working-class hero status. His role as a manager, father figure and mentor to his players to his personal battle with cancer and determination to continue with his career despite his health. Finally, focus on his legacy and how England’s performance in the 2018 world cup. 

Creating momentum for the launch of the official trailer and beyond, we created multiple engaging video and beautiful image based assets in line with the creative style we had defined at the start of the campaign. Using rushes from the film we created video animations which summarised key points in Bobby’s life and got amazing traction on social. 

We reached out to national football clubs and social media influencers with a connection to Bobby and football. Both clubs and influencers would comment on and share posts to promote the trailers and the official release of the film.


The campaign was hugely successful and exceeded our engagement KPIs.

In a 14 wk period the campaign generated: 


  • 7.4 Million - Twitter
  • 27.8 Million - Facebook
  • 251,000 - Instagram


  • 262k + Twitter (an average of 300 engagements per post)
  • 525k + - Facebook

These statistics (showing the visibility of the film in the social community) translated into a huge boost in sales of the film on DVD and digital download across multiple platforms (including Amazon, iTunes etc…) in addition to amazing press coverage and hundreds of 5 star reviews.

1.5 million views on the first trailer
35 million total impressions
198% increate in Twitter followers