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Pernod Ricard UK

Themed events & marketing materials

Print and digital materials to support PRUK's corporate events.

Each year Pernod Ricard UK holds annual summer and Christmas parties for their team at exclusive venues across the UK.

The parties celebrate the year’s achievements and are also used as an important internal communications tool that engage employees with the brand ecosystem. We have regularly supported the management team in creating themes and assets for these events, including invitations, digital screens, video, menus, maps and even gift wrap. 

Themes vary from year to year and from an initial brief we are required to come up with a creative concept and execution that is reflective of the theme, the venue and PRUK as an organisation.  For example, the invitations for the 2016 party mimicked the shape of the Shard building with a stylistic Summer chic theme and rose gold foil detailing to reflect the season and vibrancy of the event. The animation for the same event showcased the three drink types and their different tasting notes and ingredients. The video was shown on 36 different screen dimensions across the Shard.

Often the parties will have a focus on one of Pernod Ricard UK’s portfolio brands such as Absolut Vodka, Havana, Malibu or Monkey 47 Gin, which is important to reflect in the theme and creative concept of the assets.

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