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Rory Peck Trust

A new online strategy

Increasing the reach of Rory Peck Trust and providing an online resource for those who need it most.



Web Development


Not For Proit


Rory Peck Trust provide support, advice, grants and training to the freelance journalist community on an international scale. Their reach is huge, supporting people in China, Syria, Iraq, Korea, America and all over Europe.

We pitched for the opportunity to design and implement a completely new online strategy that would reach every freelance newsgatherer around the world. Providing an online resource and guided support to those who most need it.

The CMS allows for integration of language variants including right to left reading and Paypal implementation.

With backing from the largest news agencies in the world, Rory Peck Trust honours those who have reported and assisted in news gathering in some of the most hostile environments by selecting a rare few to collect the Rory Peck Award within different categories.

Since the launch of the new website, we have designed a brochure for the Rory Peck Awards ceremony ever year, which not only reflects the online presence but also the honourable work of the trust and its support for the freelance community.

With a phased approach we are providing the Trust with a desktop, mobile and low bandwidth website meaning that wherever users are in the world, they can access important, up-to-date information easily.

Taking a radical approach to the user journey, the design guides the eye through an easy-to-navigate structure that is unique but also simple to follow.