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Sky Atlantic

Digital campaign microsite for Game of Thrones

Interactive microsite including a quiz, a recruitment poster generator and a competition.

Following the success of our microsite for Fortitude, Sky Atlantic asked us to create a microsite to support their Night’s Watch recruitment campaign.

The campaign centres around replenishing the depleted ranks of the Night’s Watch and asks Game of Thrones fans to recruit their friends to get involved with the show and watch Seasons 1 - 6 before the launch of Season 7 in July.

30,000+ unique visitors in the first 5 days

The Campaign

Sky’s tactical recruitment campaign began with adverts in national newspapers and builds into a full campaign with recruitment promo, social engagement and a picture stunt at the Tower of London. 

It was our job to come up with a concept for a microsite that would work alongside Sky’s other online and offline marketing activities to contribute to the objectives of the campaign. 

With the team at Sky we decided on the key interactive elements of the site - a recruitment banner generator, a ballot to attend the Night’s Watch Training Day, a quiz and entry to the competition to win Season 7 Premiere tickets.


In order to create the perfect user journey we started by creating sketched wireframes, taking into account the key interaction points, which we developed into interactive wireframes to create a skeleton version of the website to test the userflow. The site had to be authentically Game of Thrones in design to continue the illusion that they are actually signing for the Night’s Watch.


We created the functionality to place your face in a shareable asset and post to Facebook to recruit friends and a Night’s Watch themed quiz which consists of ten timed questions. Players have 20 seconds to answer each question, with points allocated based on how quick the responses are. You have unlimited opportunities to up your score and make it on to the Wall of Honour, but don’t assume you can cheat your way to the top. The questions are randomised, and the answers move position every time.

The site uses the new Kentico Cloud platform to update and manage content. We knew that the majority of users would be coming to the site on mobile, so it was crucial that the experience was great across all devices.


10,000+ recruitment banners
13,000+ quiz entries

The Long Night is coming and the dead come with it. Are you ready?

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