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Sony Pictures Entertainment

Networking Application

We worked with The Project Factory to create a networking tool for Sony Pictures Entertainment's annual Creative Leadership Summit in Miami.

The aim of the project was to encourage 80 executives to get to know each other in an interesting and competitive way. Using QR reading technology, we created an application that allowed participants to scan each other's name badges. The system detected the user's handset and performed a simple check which remembered who they were, this then prompts User A to ask User B a question about themselves.

We supported the application with live leaderboard screens which were displayed at the event to add a competitive element to the activity.

From a technical perspective there were some major factors we needed to consider. Security measures were crucial, all the data needed to be temporarily stored in a database which was removed after the conference. In addition, we needed to build the application in a responsive way to ensure that it worked across a number of devices.

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