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Arsene Wenger: Invincible

Celebrating a legendary football manager with ‘Arsène Wenger: Invincible’ social media campaign


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The award-winning production, distribution and technology company, Noah Media Group, approached us to support the release of Arsène Wenger: Invincible, a documentary portrait of the visionary football manager that sees Wenger himself, accompanied by an A-list supporting cast, reflect on his revolutionary era at Arsenal.

documentaries including Bobby Robson: More Than A Manager, we again collaborated to design a campaign that met their unique data-driven, digital-led distribution model which relies on social media to drive promotion.


Before the start of the campaign, we held kick off calls with both Noah Media Group and the Arsenal FC marketing team who we were fortunate to have support the campaign. This exercise helped develop the narrative, tone of voice and creative concept for the campaign which we then channelled into the creation of visual assets, animations and a content calendar.

1.62 million trailer views

Unlike previous campaigns, football was the sole focus as the documentary was a portrait of a man who gave everything to the game. We wanted the channels to act as a celebration of Wenger’s career and relive the Invincibles’ season and the culture of Arsenal FC. Arsenal and Wenger content therefore formed a key theme within our campaign and we translated this into attractive image-based assets using contemporary match photography.

We also developed a content theme that drew on the film itself and incorporated the trailer, exclusive video clips, quotes from the film, cast bios and content from the premiere into the campaign to ensure the documentary was at the heart of the promotion. The videos created using rushes from the film gained amazing traction across all social channels.


To engage the target audience among the key online communities and influencers we had identified, we responded to online conversation and created interactive content that allowed fans to share their own knowledge and experiences. We utilised Instagram Stories more than we had on any previous campaign with NMG as the channel lent itself to interactive content and fostered incredible engagement.

26,245 followers across social platforms in the first 88 days

The figures for followers, impressions and engagement were higher than any previous campaigns for NMG. Alongside our day-to-day campaign and reactive activity, the partnership with Arsenal FC and their support throughout the campaign proved extremely valuable and the premiere itself defined a key moment, generating some of the best organic results of the campaign.

Organic instagram impressions
Over 2.6 million