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Barcode Festival

Designing a clear yet colourful customer journey

A vibrant website for a festival like no other

Since 2019, Barcode Festival has been the only event in the grocery industry combining a festival atmosphere with the opportunity to activate brands, reward co-workers, talk to target audiences, network with industry colleagues and raise funds for a great cause: GroceryAid.

Barcode’s team first approached Syndicut because their old site had become tired with no clear purchase journey, no clear communication of the unique selling points (USPs) of the event and a design that was too corporate.

They needed a new website that would support the sales cycle by inspiring the audience to become a part of the festival, providing them with a clear customer journey to help them take the next step and book tickets or enquire about sponsorship. They also wanted the site to be able to service those who already had a ticket, generating excitement by detailing what the festival had in store and reflecting the vibrancy of the Barcode brand.

Barcode Festival iPhone Mockups

We began with the website’s design. On each page, we wanted to reflect Barcode’s colourful and punchy brand as well as the festival-meet-party nature of the event. To meet this brief, we created a striking design by adding greater colour contrast to the colour palette, developing impactful headings and design devices that added disruptive elements to the page and playing with event photography/videography to visually represent a barcode.

Through talks with the client, we also devised a simpler navigation to ensure customers had a clear purchase journey. Calls to action to book tickets were placed in the navigation bar and, for sponsors, a dedicated page was developed that clearly displayed the packages available with an easy-to-use contact form and a visual list of the brands that had already signed on.

Barcode Festival Website
Barcode Festival Website

When it came to the CMS, we made the decision to build the site in Umbraco. With their old site, the Barcode team were reliant on support from agencies/freelancers to make updates to the website. Now, with Umbraco, they have a user-friendly CMS with a very intuitive back end that would make updates much easier. We also integrated the existing iframe link embed into the booking form to ensure a seamless transition to the new site.

The finished website embodies the Barcode Festival brand, delivering colour, movement and excitement as well as a clear customer journey and user experience, marking it as a great resource in the event’s future marketing campaigns.

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