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Shotglass Media

The Football Republic

An interactive and engaging platform to house TFR's YouTube content.



Web Development


TV & Film Production


The Website

The Football Republic started life as a YouTube channel from Shotglass Media.

The aim? To develop a website to house all of TFR’s YouTube video content and realise the vision of engaging fans through extended interactive social content. We created an intuitive and organic way of navigating content based on either user behaviour or related articles with the ability to add embedded media / third party tools.

TFR discovered over 65% of the audience were browsing their content on mobile devices, so the site needed to adopt a strict ‘mobile first’ approach. The combined vision for the website was ‘Facts vs Fans’, combining official data with fan’s emotions. 

A Blurrt API pulls through fan responses from social media to visually show the passion behind the game and enhance the fan’s voice through data. Facts populate the website using two Squawka APIs - Live Score and Performance Score.