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#VodafonePocketCinema: An experiential digital campaign

Multi-screen cinema experience across 105 mobile phones.

Working with creative agency Haygarth, we brought the Vodafone Pocket Cinema experience at the Birmingham Bullring to life.

The campaign won IPM Marketing’s Campaign of the Week

The brief was to segment a promotional video, and play it in perfect sync across 100 mobiles, forming one giant screen.

Through innovative thinking and expertise, we pushed the boundaries of modern technology and achieved what only a handful of companies have tried in the past.

10,000 Engagements
3,000 Store Visits

The Video

By creating a grid of phone positions to represent the final screen, we could segment Vodafone's promotional video into 105 separate videos that played individually on each phone, but together, formed a coherent whole.

The App

We designed and built an Android app from scratch. Using the app, all 105 phones could select a position in the grid to choose what segment of the video it would play. This option meant that any phone could be swapped out and their part in the video replaced.

The app allowed every phone to be controlled by one master phone, and ensured that none of the phones started playing until every phone had signalled they were ready. This is how we achieved 105 phones playing separate videos in perfect sync.

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